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 If you are looking for a reliable service for your pet you have come to the right place. We are staffed with experienced, and loving individuals who will care for your pet like their own. Prior to starting services there will be a complimentary meet and greet where you will get to meet your dog walker, or pet sitter. We will do our best to make your pet feel loved. There is no reason to wonder how the visit went; we use a pet sitting software that will send you an update via text, or email. We never forget to include a picture! 

We service Philadelphia, and Montgomery County.




Angela Marra

We are new customers to Pawty Time, and we are very happy with the service. Erica is great to work with, our dog loves their walks together! It's that we get an update, and a photo every time. There is also an easy online portal for scheduling. It's super helpful that there is a lot of flexibility as my husband and I have ever changing work schedules.

Meet the Pack


"The Corgi"

Fun, strong willed, and playful

Erica started Pawty Time Philly in October of 2015. At the time she was working as a medical professional, but in pursuit of her long time dream of owning a dog walking and pet care company. Her passion grew stronger while she volunteered in shelters, and fostered animals. She juggled her medical career, and Pawty Time Philly for a few months.

Finally in January 2016, Erica took on Pawty Time Philly full time. It was time for her to take her caring spirit that she used to help people, and put that towards her passion for animals. Since then she has taken almost 100 different dogs on thousands of walks. Each and every animal is special to Erica which gives her the motivation to be the best at her job.

The beautiful dog in the photo with Erica is her rescue dog Babs. She was the true inspiration behind Pawty Time Philly.

Erica Cissne 


"The Beagle"

Friendly, loyal, and determined 

Julie has been working in the pet care industry since 2013. She has been a lifelong animal lover. She has experience working in animal rescues, veterinarian offices, and grooming salons. Her diverse experience and passion for animals has made her a true asset to Pawty Time Philly. Keeping her couch warm while she is at work are 4 dogs, and 2 cats.

Julie Jahn
Pet Care Professional


"The Jack Russell"

Happy, hard worker, and energetic

Erin has been in the pet care industry since 2014. She is an avid animal lover, who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Erin is truly the "Jack Russell" energetic, friendly, and a true companion. She cares deeply for all the animals and will do anything for them. Waiting to greet her at home is her dog, Lucy.

Erin Sheridan 

Pet Care Professional 


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